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Riley's Winning Catch, Good Character Prevails

Riley's Winning Catch - book cover

Riley is a typical thirteen-year-old girl. She loves reading, singing, and sports, but her favorite thing in the world is softball. She loves everything about softball, from watching games on TV to dreaming of being on the local girls' recreational team. But Riley has never played softball. The closest she's gotten is catching a tennis ball with her dad once in a while.

 And there's another thing keeping Riley from pursuing her dreams: she's afraid of being rejected by her teammates and the coaches because Riley has Down syndrome. That means she's a little different from other teenage girls. It's sometimes difficult to understand her when she speaks, and her coordination and demeanor isn't quite like the others.

 Still, unbeknownst to her parents, Riley has been watching the local girls' team practice and play games for the last two seasons, and one day, the head coach encourages Riley to join the practice and soon the team. The coach instills good character values in her team, along with some excellent softball skills. That's when Riley learns of the Miracle League for special needs children, and it's like all her dreams have come true.

Published by Deeds Publishing 

Miracle League Player

Miracle League player, special needs

Pitching for Success; Character Lessons, the Joe Nuxhall Way

Pitching for Success - book cover
Author presenting to an elementary classroom.

Joe Nuxhall-Cincinnati Reds' legend!

Joe Nuxhall
character, success, reading

Dominic Perez is an eleven-year-old who loves playing baseball.  He is fortunate in that his dad is the coach of the team and Dominic dreams big; dreams of playing in the major leagues.  Pitching for Success, Character - the Joe Nuxhall Way, tells the story of one little league pitcher who learns about the game on the field and learns life and character lessons along the way.


Pitching for Success: Character, The Joe Nuxhall Way highlights the life of Joe Nuxhall, the youngest player ever at age 15, to be signed to a major league contract.  What Dominic and his teammates learn from this legend are character-building skills, the value of self-integrity and learning to help others less fortunate in life.

Engaging the young readers by a fun, fictional baseball story, valuable character, and life lessons are depicted.  Joe Nuxhall grew from a 15-year-old player in Hamilton, Ohio to signing a contract with the Cincinnati Reds and to retire doing what he loved–living baseball.  He encouraged youth and adults alike to give back to others less fortunate than them, work hard, play hard, and take nothing for granted.  Learn how Dominic grows as a player and a person and pick up a piece of baseball history too.

Published by Orange Frazer Press

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